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PSM Charity has Changed hundreds of Lives of such vulnerable children, women, and impoverished individuals with relief items, academic support, and fundraising campaigns to support individuals with terminal illnesses to go abroad for operations, among others. This work is very big, and what we have done is very little, owes a lot and we have very little, we are currently standing by the help of individuals who are interested in this work, we ask our colleagues who have any help they can give us. Let's join together, let's do something,  any help you can give us is very welcome, Food, Vegetables, Clothes, Books, Money, and more are welcome.



Due to the high demand for Vulnerable and orphan children, in 2016 we opened up a school where these young innocent souls can get quality education on full sponsorship. Over 1500 children have passed through our hands and have been helped who today can be seen as important people. Constructed 25 spring wells in, different districts of the country (Uganda) providing over 12500 people with access to clean water hence reducing risks of health problems that usually result from poor water and sanitation levels.

Over 250 Youth/Single Mothers have been trained in vocational skills and provided with start-up kits, which have improved the economic status of the communities. 

A dying single mother with her two blind children was saved and assorted with core relief items, scholastic support, and connections with a Hospital in India for a potential operation. Contesting to reach our mission; Empowering children and women in communities and vision; A happy and dignified life for children and women, we have the core values which help us always to fulfill our mission and vision. Empathy, Compassion, Service, Respect, and Humanity.

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