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Non-Discrimination Policy

Access Our Non-Discrimination Policy.

At PSM Charity, we believe in fostering an inclusive environment that respects and values diverse experiences and perspectives. Our Non-Discrimination Policy is a testament to our commitment to ensure fairness, equity, and respect for all.


Before you download the policy, please take a moment to acknowledge the importance of embracing diversity and promoting a culture of inclusivity in all our activities and engagements.

📥 Click here to download the Non-Discrimination Policy.

Safeguarding Policy -Sexual Exploitation & Harassment

Access Our Safeguarding Policy

Thank you for your commitment to fostering a safe and respectful environment. Before you proceed to download our Safeguarding Policy regarding Sexual Exploitation & Harassment, please be aware that this document outlines our zero-tolerance approach to such incidents and our commitment to safeguarding all individuals involved with our organization.

We encourage you to review this policy carefully to understand our preventive measures, reporting mechanisms, and responsive actions to ensure safety and dignity for all.

📥 Click here to download the Safeguarding Policy - Sexual Exploitation & Harassment.


Thank you for your interest in learning more about our organization's practices. Before you download our HR Policy, we want to ensure that you understand the document is for informational purposes and is intended to provide an overview of our commitment to fostering a positive, respectful, and inclusive work environment.

Please take a moment to review and feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need further clarification.

📥 Click here to download the HR Policy.

Environmental and Social Policy

Explore Our Environmental and Social Policy

PSM Charity is dedicated to making a positive impact on both the environment and our community. Our Environmental and Social Policy outlines our commitment to responsible practices that ensure sustainability and social well-being.

Before downloading, we invite you to join us in understanding the significance of fostering a harmonious relationship with our surroundings and contributing to a better world for future generations.

📥 Click here to download our Environmental and Social Policy.


Fraud and corruption prevention and control policy

Understanding Our Stance Against Fraud and Corruption

At PSM Charity, we uphold the highest standards of integrity and accountability. Our Fraud and Corruption Prevention and Control Policy reflects our zero-tolerance approach to any form of misconduct.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our policy, which outlines our preventative measures and controls to ensure ethical practices across all facets of our work.

📥 Click here to download our Fraud and Corruption Prevention and Control Policy.





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Welcome to PSM Charity: Advocating for Brighter Futures

Embark on a journey with PSM Charity, where our unwavering commitment centers around empowering children and women towards a brighter and prosperous future. We invite you to explore our carefully crafted policies that lay the groundwork for our dedicated service. Discover how we have meticulously organized our approaches to bring about transformative change.

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